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Introducing FundRebel Dean, our inaugural fund. Dean offers a diversified portfolio of commercial, industrial, and multi-family real estate projects designed to generate increasing value and cash-flow to investors.

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Max. Raise $75,000,000

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We believe in the simple fact that a good deal is a good deal and we have the experience to know one when we see one. We look at the big picture across many factors to identify the highest value opportunities. Our partnerships also provide us access to review a steady flow of deals before they hit the traditional market so we can hand-pick the best ones early. In fact, the first $1 million raised in this fund enables us to go out and start scooping up assets immediately.

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Real Ownership

Investing in FundRebel Dean, you own shares outright, not some proxy. Your shares are freely tradable within the fund upon the fund's closing.

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No up-front, broker-dealer, distribution, or transaction fees. We make our money when the fund and our investors make money. No fees. No joke.

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It’s all you need to become an investor in FundRebel Dean. Our rebellious Reg A+ model enables you to invest in big deals without having to dig up a million bucks.

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Capital Return

Investors in FundRebel Dean get paid along the way with dividends from cash-flow each quarter and pro-rated distributions upon winding-down of the fund.

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Average rate of return on REITs for the 11-year period between 2010 and 2021. Source: Reit.com, "REITs Continue to Outperform Private Real Estate," 2022

Full Fund Subscription
FundRebel Dean, if fully-subscribed at $75M, would be expected to enable us to leverage asset acquistions of roughly $250M-$350M in value. In a fully-subscribed fund of $75M, we forecast the acquisition of 10-12 assets. Our fund strategy includes identifying assets that 1) will increase in value over time with minimal reasonable improvement; 2) provide free cash flow in the form of leases/rent. The fund is not required to achieve full subscription in order to operate. $75M represents a target funding amount we believe will provide our investors the most opportunity and leverage.

Return Opportunity
Your investment into FundRebel Dean, unlike typical REITs, directly results in your ownership of proportionate shares in the fund. These shares can be freely traded with other investors in the fund after the fund closes, typically one year from its opening.

Additionally, shareholders in FundRebel Dean receive proportionate returns upon successful wind-down of the fund (all the properties within the fund are sold — typically within 5-7 years). Our investors also receive returns throughout the life of the fund through distributions of quarterly dividends directly to their distribution account.


Acquisition Approach

The fund will target a strategic mix of commercial real estate opportunities that have the best chance of producing ROI for investors by increasing asset value and free cash flow. Target asset classes include multi-family, hospitality, office, industrial, and retail.

The fund plans to acquire underappreciated assets in the U.S. with a primary focus on "sunbelt states" (yellow) and secondary focus on the northeast corridor (gray). We plan to add value by making reasonable improvements to assets that increase their overall value materially. This fully-managed fund seeks to create long-term, fully-leased scenarios and increased net operating income. Increased net income and general market appreciation lead to optimal asset positioning as cash-flowing assets and future resale value.


Recent Performance

Recent performance does not guarantee future results. Information is with regard to recent projects completed or in-progress by the founders and management of FundRebel, LLC, the Manager of FundRebel Dean, and are not current assets within the FundRebel Dean, LLC portfolio. FundRebel Dean asset acquisitions may vary.

Wilmington, DE

The Oakley Apartments

Garden Low Rise Multi-Family Apartment Community

  • 199K leasable square feet
  • 192 units
  • Multi-family

Project Cost | $20.5M
Exit Value | $36M
Equity Multiple | 2.5x

Hollywood Beach, FL

Luxury Townhomes

Located just 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the property sits just off the crystal clear waters of Hollywood Beach, Florida,

  • Condos/Residences
  • Oceanfront property
  • 36 Units

Project Cost | $45M
Anticipated Completion | 20 mo.

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Investing in commercial real estate has never been easier. Join other rebels in sharing the opportunity to generate wealth that's not just for the elite anymore with FundRebel Dean.

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